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Vocal Masterclass for singers/songwriters III

What is a masterclass?
It's a very typical way that university and college teach performance in a group setting. All the students of an instructor gather together and watch colleagues get coaching and instructing from their teacher. It's mostly one to one, but the students auditing can ask questions. 

I'll coach singer/songwriters on vocal technique, comping and stagecraft. Collaborating with the artist, I'll help tweak lyrics and melodies to make hooks stick and the voice shine! Asking questions strongly encouraged!

Last masterclass, we covered everything from tone (twang to money notes), getting to know "your room", how to cut through crowd noise - well, and a whole lot of other useful things!

Participants can sign up by PMing me, Gina Farrugia
please prepare one song. Mic and PA provided - please bring your own guitar (you'll feel more comfortable that way too!)